mamaLita: a College for Malawi

Focus on: Malawi National Anthem
9th October 2016
The Scottish Government Welcomes our Initiative
30th October 2016

mamaLita: a College for Malawi

As stated in our logo, our mission is to provide quality education in Malawi. This does not apply only to children but also to local teachers or future staff to be deployed in the field. We would like to turn mamaLita into a full-fledged University where local students will be able to receive complete training to become pediatric nurses, teachers or expert farmers.

To achieve this, we have started collaborating with one of the most important Universities in Scotland: Queen Margaret University. We are also applying for the 2016 Small Grants Programme launched by the Scottish Governement.

This initiative is specifically designed to support smaller Scottish organisations engaged in international development efforts. Since 2014, the fund has aided 40 Scottish NGO’s in Scotland’s priority countries, including Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Indian States of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. This funding will be vital for us to start this new project and we really hope we will be given the opportunity to achieve this little miracle in Malawi.

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