Ready for the new year!

16th of December: the Last School Day before Winter Holidays
21st December 2016
Good morning from mamaLita!
9th February 2017

Ready for the new year!

MamaLita school reopened for the new year and it is ready to accommodate 130 children.

Rita and her staff want to express their gratitude to Mary's Meals and all the private funders who have contributed to the creation and growth of the school. In Rita's word: "Thanks to all of you and to Mary's Meals we can fill the belly to many children who would otherwise be brought to malnutrition".

We also have a little surprise for you today but first of all, take a look at the pictures of our children.
Here is our little present for you.

A poem by Boniface Kaliveni written in Chichewa and translated into English

Ndine Wofunika

Ndine ophunzira

Ndikonzekere tsogolo langa labwino

Aphunzitsi phunzitseni moyera

Kuti ndidzafike pomwe muli inu

Ndine wofunika

Ndine mphunzitsi wabwino

Nsanje ndije m'dani wanga

Ophunzira muyembekezere kuphunzira kwa bwino

Mwa ukatswiri ndi moyenera

Zoona ndidzadzipereka

Pofuna kunola tsogolo lanu

Ndine wofunika.

I am Important

I am a learner

I am working towards a better future

So prepare me well teachers

So that I may take your place

I am important

I am a good teacher

Envy is my enemy

Yes, learner, expect good teaching

With my skill and care

I will dedicate myself

To sharpen your future

I am important

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