About our School in Malawi

Above is a panoramic view of the Alleluya Care Centre, an orphanage which has built a strong reputation in Malawi in the last decades. We are proud to have based our school in this centre. Thank you Alleluya for providing us with the premises!


MamaLita is a preschool establishment in Namwera, in the Mangochi district of Malawi, where 200 children 3 to 6 years old are currently being accommodated.

Education and food are free at MamaLita. The latter thanks to the generosity of Mary’s Meals. Due to this generosity the poorest families in the neighbourhood are able to send their children to MamaLita to ensure they receive an education. We also care for children with disabilities and those from families with complex social needs. All of our pupils are identified and referred to MamaLita by the Traditional Authorities, that is the chiefs in the villages next to the school. We currently serve the villages of Sumaili, Maluwira, Saiti, Kalino, Makwinya, Talian, Issa, Salimu and Mwmadi.


The school is located within the premises of the
highly reputed Alleluya Care Centre.

The centre is run by an Italian national who has been living in Malawi for over 40 years. Her name is Ms. Rita Milesi, locally known as “mamma Rita” which in the local pronunciation becomes “mama Lita” (hence “mamaLita” as the chosen name for our school).

1. Orphans care centre (0-2 years old)

2. Orphans care centre (2-3 years old)

When a child reaches the age of 3, he or she must leave the orphanage and return to their village. Through the nursery education programme Mamalita strives to provide the children with as strong an educational foundation as possible.

3. mamaLita pre-school establishment

The initiative run by us!

4. Teachers and staff training facility

5. Accommodation

6. Warehouse, garage, kitchen, laundry and other facilities

7. Livestock

8. Crop

9. A local convenience store run by Alleluya

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