The need for quality education in Malawi hardly requires an explanation, as for any country in sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore mamaLita is also a training and education facility for Malawian staff as well as for staff in the UK on their way to be deployed in the field.

Staff Training in Africa

Our four year development plan aims at accommodating up to 40 teachers from pre-school to secondary and issuing college diplomas. In 2016-2017, as it is our launch year, we will be starting with our own staff of four pre-school teachers, who will receive the following training. (detailed programme follows, From September 2016 to March 2017)

Bakita House

Training takes place in the outstanding Bakita house, a fully equipped facility within Alleluya’s premises.

Staff Training in Scotland

We also offer training in Scotland to prospective staff to be deployed in Africa. This applies to volunteers who are going to spend some months either teaching at mamaLita school or at the Bakita House in Namwera. The programmes are tailored to suit their needs in partnership with the University of Glasgow.

Glasgow House

Thanks to the generosity of Tony Macaroni Group, we run the Glasgow house for students visiting from outside the city.

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